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Dr. William Kalchoff

Dr. William Kalchoff, founder of the Vein Treatmen Center, has spent over 15 years of his career studying and treating thses troublesome varicose veins. After completing his medical school training at St. Louis University Medical School in St. Louis, Missouri, he completed his general surgical training at Baylor University in Houston, Texas and Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgical Training in New Orleans. It was after many years of practicing thoracic and cardiovascular surgery in Houston, Texas that he developed a keen interest in vein treatment. Dr. Kalchoff found that although varicose veins cause a number of uncomfortable symptoms and serious medical conditions, few medical establishments were focused on treating them. This led him to establish a vein treatment center in Brownsville, Texas that would focus solely on treating these varicose veins. Dr. Kalchoff also serves Rio Grand Valley residents at the Center for Pain Management in Edinburg and at Premier Laser & Aesthetics in Harlingen, Texas. He also has offices in Houston, Woodlands, Katy, and San Antonio. He has helped establish vein clinics in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Mexico City, Sao Paulo , Brazil , and Lime, Peru. Although many people suffer from varicose veins, some are hesintang to seek treatmen as the think it is risky and expensive, "For the most part, it's an educational process to get people to treat their varicose veins," explains Dr. Kalchoff. " Some patients and even some physicians still do not understand that you can treat veins with local anesthesia and with minimal risk."


There are four different things that we do for varicose veins when a patient comes in for an appointment," explains Kalchoff, " The first thing that we do is a physical examinations focusing on the venous system. We do an ultrasoudn which tells us what the appropriate treatment for the patient will be." Patients who suffer from superficial spider veins can be treate onsite without anesthesia. When a person has protruding or painful veins with a normal ultrasound, they can be treated with a phlebectomy a procedure that is also done in the office under local anesthetic. When a patient has an abnoraml ultrasound indication that there is a venous problem, EVLT laser treatment is available. This laser procedure requires no sedation and can be done in less percent and patients may soon return to their normal activities.


Most insurance companies and Medicare will cover varicose vein treatment if patient is experiencing symptoms. In cases where the procedures in the future. For more information regarding varicose vein treatment  in Edinburg, Texas, visit or call (956) 631-9041. For more information on the other locations for the The Vein Treatment Center in Harlingen, Brownsville, Houston, The Woodlands, Katy, and San Antonio visit www,justveins,net or call (713) 533-0535

Did you know that those unsightly veins that show up on legs could lead to complications? Although, most people have seen or experienced varicose veins, few people know that they are a medical condition that requires treatment. If left untreated, varicose veins can result in superficial ulcers, phlebitis, chronic venous insufficiency, and even leg amputation. Varicose veins are very common. About 40-50% of women will have some kind of a varicose vein, ranging from spider veins to big, protruding, and enlarged varicose veins, explains Dr. William Kalchoff, a Cardiovascular Surgeon who specializes in vein treatment. "About 10% of men will suffer from varicose veins as well." The problem with varicose veins begins when they lose elasticity or become damaged due to age, pregnancy, prolonged standing, obesity, chronicstraining, or physiological abnormalities. As these veins weaken, blood that should flow towards the heart ends up flowing backwards. This causes the blood to collect inside these veins, leading them to become enlarged

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